Top Five Disturbing Things Found While Cleaning Out My Fridge

 So, I finished my personal edits for the second book in my LOVE AND CHAOS SERIES, ROCKED BY LOVE and sent it to my first round editor. As many of you know, when I get near an end of a book, I get obsessive and everything else goes by the wayside, email, marketing, cleaning....

Then, once it's sent off, I play catch-up on all the things I've ignored. Yesterday that was cleaning out what our family calls "the lazy freezer" and the refrigerator. We call it the lazy freezer because we have a big upright freezer in the basement storage room, and when one doesn't want to walk the fourteen steps to it, you shove it in our side-by-side freezer, which makes it the lazy freezer. 

Here are a few things that were disturbing in this endeavor. If you have a weak stomach, you'll want to stop here. 

1) The things that were long expired ~ First, I'll show you a picture of the item that we'll call the runner-up. This bottle of Durkee's expired in 2018. It has clearly survived a few refrigerator purges. 

But the big winner was the white cooking wine which expired in...2017! I'm sure the last time I cleaned the fridge I was like, "Come on. Does white cooking wine really even expire?" But I do have my limits, and three years means you don't make the cut even in my handbook!

2) The things that had been in there forever and weren't expired ~ I mean, what do they make this stuff out of if it takes ten years for it to expire? These maraschino cherries expire in 2022!

This hot sauce expires in 2024! I guess nothing could live in that stuff, including bacteria! 

3) I had a piece of Bailey's chocolate cake in the freezer. I put it there because I gave up chocolate for Lent and St. Patty's Day fell during Lent. The thing that is disturbing is that a piece of Bailey's chocolate cake went to waste! 

4) I found it disturbing when things foamed up when being pitched. They aren't supposed to do that.


5) When things that were not wine smelled like wine while being pitched. This means they had crossed over into the fermentation process, and that ain't right.

Thanks for reading! I hope you don't have to go through this disturbing process any time soon! I wonder what I'll find when I finish writing Book Three of the LOVE AND CHAOS SERIES, ROCK IT TO THE MOON.

If we were to clean out your fridge right now, could you beat me? Or are you good about checking those dates on your condiments, etc.?

Ever Been ROCKED BY GRACE? You Should Be!

Oh, the boys of Just Short of Chaos have been raring to meet you! We have to start their story off with Zane, of course, their introverted, retro-fashioned lead singer. He started the band, he gets first dibs on introducing them. Here's a little bit more about his story...

When videos hit the Internet of rock star Zane Sanders and a random fan performing what he says is a spontaneous dance, no one believes it’s unrehearsed in this sizzling romance from bestselling author M.J. Schiller.

Zane Sanders, lead singer of Just Short of Chaos, surprised everyone, including himself, when he plucked a fan out of the audience at one of his concerts.

I don’t know what possessed me to do it. I’d never done anything like that before. But something about Grace drew me to her. And within minutes of pulling her on stage, I knew I’d made one of the best decisions of my life. Since our drummer Devin’s overdose, I’d felt dead inside. Perhaps for even longer than that. But Grace was fun, sexy—and as I would discover later—good and selfless. And an irresistible magic surrounded us that made me feel alive again.

That is, until I blew it. In classic Zane style. Funny thing is, when I first got Grace up on stage, I had no idea what to do with her. Now I have no idea what I’ll do without her.

Grace Prescott was living out every girl’s fantasy.

Only thing is, fantasies ended, and I realized pretty quickly that I didn’t want this one to stop. Zane had a magnetism about him that was more than mere charisma. That was evident the moment I—the girl who normally had to be dragged out onto the dance floor—practically became a pole dancer in his arms.  Then it happened. The moment everyone kept referring to as “The Kiss.” But it was all part of the show, right? It didn’t matter that Zane made more than my feet move. He stirred up feelings that scared the crap out of me. The depth of his sadness called out to me even more than his unbelievable sex appeal, and that was saying something.

But it could never work between us. He may have come from a small town like me, but he was all rock star now and totally out of my league. I was a flower shop owner, not his saving Grace.

Are some actions beyond forgiveness or will he be rocked by Grace?

Here's an excerpt...


There was a difference between having a life and living a life, and I really wanted to discover what that difference was. I had a life. Most would say it was a good life. But for me it seemed like all I was doing was chasing the second hand on a clock. I would move forward through the day, but at the close I had nothing to show for it other than the passage of time. At the ripe old age of twenty-six, I was tired beyond belief and walking through my days and nights like a zombie.

But the people who had been filling the stadium for the last hour and a half were not here to see the walking dead. They were doctors, lawyers, garbage men, seamstresses…. They came from small towns and cities, ghettos like those I grew up in, and plush estates like the ones I lived in now. I had come to know the people behind those gilded doors had their own kinds of problems. But all of these people occupying seats in the heart of this building or swaying drunkenly on the floor, they worked, sweated, and stressed to earn the money to buy the tickets to this concert and listen to my music. I wouldn’t let them down.

After all, I was one of them once. I even sold my ten-speed to purchase tickets to see my idol, Colton Remkus, who was one of our openers tonight. Because of that, I vowed to sing the hits I’d sung a biljallion times before like I recently released them and they were still fresh. As Colt did for me. Though I didn’t feel like I had the heart for it, I would bring the vitality of the damned Energizer Bunny if it killed me.

For a limited time, you can purchase ROCKED BY GRACE for only 99¢! So, what are you waiting for? Get it now! :)

~ Let Me Play You a MIDNIGHT MELODY You Won't Forget!~

Traveling this summer? Then you'll want to take along this read to make the time fly! Available for pre-order now!

Rock star Colton Remkus is out of his element.

When country phenom Tyler Remkus is murdered in his own studio, his son Colton finds himself in charge of a fortune 500 company. At least temporarily. Ty’s will states that Colt has thirty days to convince the board of directors to officially vote him in as the new CEO.

Melody Hawkins, administrative assistant to the CEO, doesn’t want a rock star for a boss.

He may be a rocker—and a seriously hot underwear mode—but he knows nothing about R&J Industries. Still, out of respect for Ty, Melody decides to teach Colton the ropes. As others plot against him, she stands by Colt’s side and tries to ignore the ridiculous attraction she has for him.

As their midnight deadline approaches, the stakes are raised.

The more time they spend together, the more their chemistry threatens to ignite. Melody must keep Colt from discovering who she truly is. Colt needs to speed learn the industry in order to finally win his father’s approval. But he soon winds up facing a deadly decision. Could a piece of sheet music hold the secret to Ty’s murder and save their lives?

Or will proving himself prove to be deadly for her?

You Should Pick Up The Phone ~ It's SATAN, LINE ONE!

Hello, All! It's been many a moon since I've blogged, but that's because I've been working on writing some great books for you. Well, that and Life. Life happens. Which is good, because it also makes me a better writer--but I digress. 

Anyway...I wanted to share with you the story behind my new release, SATAN, LINE ONE. Like much from this series, the book ties in with my real life. Back when I was a lunch lady, there was a coworker of ours who could be, well...a bit uptight. We grew to love her, but she could make things challenging at times. I believe it was my best friend--the inspiration for my character Sam--who gave her the title "Satan."   (Possibly a little unkind, but the reason it was funny was because she was so not Satan, but we liked to exaggerate things for our amusement. For instance, we liked to say the Athletic Club was evil because they left messes behind that we had to clean up. They then became the subject to blame for anything from global warming and terrorism, to the reason for the stain in the sink, and everything in between.) Then, I think I was the first one to say, when our rigid, domineering coworker would call, "Satan, line one." Someone added that this would be a good book title and I was off to the races! When I began the first book in the series, TO HELL IN A COACH BAG, it only seemed natural that SATAN, LINE ONE would find its way into the DEVILISH DIVAS SERIES. 

Now--I had a title, where was the story? Out of the title, a character was inspired, one Josephine Compton. I wanted another character who could have a nickname like a men's name, like Sam (Samantha), Dani (Danielle), Max (Maxine), and Alex (Alexis). Enter Jo! Jo (Josephine) took on the rigidity of our coworker, but why was she like that? Jo's backstory fell into place easily. She was from a large, chaotic family. The kind who put the fun in dysfunctional. In order to reinstate order in her life, Jo developed a disciplined, rule-following personality. To stick out in a family where it was easy to be overlooked, she became a high-achiever and a principal at a young age. 

Being a new principal, or a new boss in any setting, has its challenges. A lot of people (myself included) don't like change. We become comfortable with the status quo and change throws us off-balance. That being true, anyone walking into a new role in this sort of environment is already disliked, even before they slap a name plate on their office door. Long before they've made their first decision, they are seen as the enemy. 

Who, then, to pair with our little anal-retentive principal? Hello, Killian Murphey! Killian is the anti-Jo. He is laid-back to the point that it is a detriment to his growth. How did he get that way? His parents died and left him an orphan, shuttled off from his home in Ireland to an uncle's in the United States. Like his father, Killian was easy-going and comfortable in his role as a bartender. Until he finds someone who inspires him to reach further and become more than what he is settling for. 

When Jo walks into his bar, Killian is smitten right from the start. The more he learns about this naive, lonely woman, the more he falls in love with her. He watches on as Dani and Sam try to coach Jo--or Josie, as they sometimes call her--in the fine art of picking up men. Making Sam and Dani see him as a contender for Jo's heart then becomes the hurdle that Killian needs to leap. In his mind a lowly bartender is no match for a woman of Josephine's statue. Thank goodness Jo doesn't see things the same way. But in her eyes, she's no match for his charm, good-looks, and worldliness. Like most good partnerships, the two fill in each other's gaps, and help one another to grow.

Well, now you've seen how it all started, you need to see how things end up. Pick up SATAN, LINE ONE at the following retailers and give it a read. Jo and Killian are dying to tell you their story! 

And then be on the lookout for Book Five, PITCHFORK IN THE ROAD. When Zoe and Zack are reunited as adults, how can they overcome the pain caused by their breakup? And, with Nick in the picture now, how can Zoe make a choice between her two best friends? 

PITCHFORK is in the development stage with the publisher, and Book Six, A SIN WORTH THE PENANCE, will be a continuation of Killian's story. The devilish divas certainly have a lot to share with you! So hop on over to Amazon--or whatever retailer you prefer--and get started!


As always, thanks for reading!

No One Can Hurt You Quite Like...THE DEVIL YOU KNOW!

The new phone book is here! Okay, so it's not the new phone book. But it is Book Three in the DEVILISH DIVAS SERIES, THE DEVIL YOU KNOW!

You loved her as the sassy teen daughter of Tucker McCord in DAMNED IF I DO, now Zoe has her own book! 

Blurb ~

Zoe McCord has a crush on Zack.

Only one problem—he’s been her best friend and neighbor since she was little. How do you make a guy see you as more than just the girl next door? Is it ever possible to find your way out of the friend zone?

Zack Isaaccs has always thought Zoe was cute.

But when did she become so hot? He can’t believe he’s even having thoughts like that about his best friend. Is there any chance that Zoe feels the same way?

But when trouble is coming at the McCord family from all sides, will it bring Zack and Zoe closer together, or rip them apart?

No one can hurt you quite like THE DEVIL YOU KNOW….

Excerpt ~


Zoe McCord bit her lip, holding her breath and watching the wall as she lay in bed. The shadow of tree branches danced across the paint, created by a streetlight beyond her window. Where was he? She could hardly stand this waiting. It was excruciating. He worked ‘til ten and it was ten-thirty. The Starbucks was only three blocks away. Did he have to walk home? If she only had her phone. But it was sitting on her dad’s dresser. Confiscated.

The tyranny around here is driving me crazy. 

And all for some smartass comment she made to Dani, her new stepmom. Zoe’d been a smartass all her life. This was the first time it cost her a phone. Okay, not the first time, but….

She flopped on her side and pulled on a loose thread on the tattered end of the quilt her grandma made her. In the beginning, she’d been happy about the marriage. Ecstatic, really. And she was glad her dad found somebody to spend the rest of his life with. And Dani was pretty awesome. But still…it was weird having some other woman take care of him. She couldn’t say she was jealous, because that would be ridiculous. But she did feel…territorial.


Her gaze darted to the wall. She thought she caught just a quick sizzle of light. Had she imagined it?

Her eyes widened. Like a fairy ball it zipped in from out of nowhere, cutting through her sheer curtains, and dancing around like a firefly jacked up on Mountain Dew. She’d never been so glad to see the beacon before. Her heart sprung like a pole vaulter seeking the state record and air rushed into her lungs, expanding them to normal proportions. She suppressed a squeal and threw back the quilt.

Zack! All luscious six-foot-one, one hundred and seventy-three pounds of him.

She sighed. Unfortunately, he’d never be hers, so she needed to stop looking at him that way. But, really, who could help it? Blond hair with just a hint of wave in it, Golden Boy, captain of the football team, fabulous body…. And here she was, his neighbor since childhood, forever caught in the friend zone.

Ehh. It could be worse. She did get to spend time with him.

She jumped out of bed, grabbed her denim shorts off the floor, and hopped around on one foot, trying to pull them on. She put a hand on the bed to steady herself. She couldn’t be too loud or the Nighttime Nazis/her dad and stepmom, would be on her case.

Oh. She needed to signal back. She snatched her flashlight off the bedside table and pointed it at the window. She flipped it on and off in the code they set up when they were eight. But the appropriate signal didn’t flash back. Strange.

She moved to the window, skirting her desk so she could get close enough to peer down to the base of the big tree between their houses. Hmm. No Zack. Then she saw his light bobbing around in the backyard, headed for their “clubhouse.” He usually waited for her. Was this a good sign? Or a bad sign? She would find out shortly. Impatient, she jerked on the window. It always stuck because of a bad paint job. It made a loud creak and she cringed, waiting to be found out. After several seconds passed with no footsteps pounding down the hall, she moved the window up as far as it would go, with only a little more squeaking.

The breeze wafted in and she inhaled deeply. There it was. The sweet smell of freedom. Grinning, she carefully popped the latches on the sides of the screen and pushed it out of the frame. Tilted at an angle, it was just narrow enough to pull into her room. She put it on the floor, leaning it up against the side of her desk. Rather ungracefully, she climbed onto the rolling office chair in front of the desk, and then stepped up on her math homework.

This part always scared the crap out of her. She moved into a sitting position and stuck her legs out the window opening, scootching her backside along the desk until she was poised on the window sill. The wind played with her hair.

Don’t do it. Don’t—

Shit. She did it. Looked down. She always told herself not to, but did it anyway. The grass and bushes beneath her swayed and blurred in her vision and she put a hand over her stomach which was trying to make a quick escape of its own. Or at least the contents thereof. It wasn’t that far down, really. But it sure felt like a long way when nothing was holding you up but a four-inch-wide window sill.

Do it for Zack.

This, too, she always did. It was part of the ritual. Tell herself to not look down, do it anyway. Feel like she was going to hurl, and then motivate herself with the thought of Zack. She reached out to what she called the perfect branch….

To find out if Zoe makes it or breaks her neck, buy the book here:


Barnes and Noble:



I hope you enjoy it!


Hey, all! Today I have the honor of participating in a fundraiser celebrating the release of author Eryn LaPlant's newest addition to her FALLING FOR HEROES SERIES, FALLING FOR SACRIFICE! Eryn knows that there are all types of heroes in this world, so she has teamed up with the CABLE Project out of Drogheda, Ireland, to raise money in support of Hannah the Warrior Princess.

Hannah The Warrior Princess is a 16 year old girl with Apert Syndrome and has been in the hospital for quite some time and would love to get home. She is a hero all on her own, but the amount raised will take a lot of financial stress away from the family and will help them achieve their goals of adapting their house for Hannah's return and in purchasing wheelchair accessible van. For more information on Hannah, please visit:

To help you join in support of Hannah, Eryn has set up a raffle with prizes donated by authors and others. Check it out here:
For as little as $2 you can help to bring a child home to their family, and possibly win a prize! Won't you help us? Be a hero today and get some raffle tickets!

~ It Was One Hell of a Morning ~ Why Not Go For The Crazy Trifecta?~ Let Me Book Hook Ya!

Good morning! The Marketing for Romance Writer's blog sponsor's a Book Hook Hop every Wednesday. This is an opportunity to catch some snippets from author's books before you buy them.

I'd like to share a piece from TO HELL IN A COACH BAG ~ Book One in my Devilish Divas Series.

Here's a blurb to clue you in on what's going on...

"Funny, sexy, emotionally deep, imaginative, well-written, addictive. Enjoyed it very much!" -Amazon reviewer

Four Midwest lunch ladies on a cross-country road trip...

DANIELLE~When a twist of fate reunites the widowed Dani with the hot roadie she met at a concert, will she have the guts to open up to Tucker and perhaps start a new relationship?

SAMANTHA~Wild divorcee Sam discovers Kyle, the Canadian referee she met at the same concert, is in town for a Colorado Avalanche game. Although Kyle's logged some serious ice time, Sam's cold shoulder may put his heart in perma-freeze.

ALEXIS~What can save Alex's marriage when her unemployed hubby's driving her crazy?

MAXINE~When mid-life hormones make Max a sex-starved loon, can she ever feel close to her man again when he doesn't put out?

Two women whose marriages are on the rocks~Will time apart from their spouses help them weather their matrimonial storms?

Two single women who equate love with pain~Will they open themselves up to new possibilities?

Four friends~Could their destination be Love? Or are they simply headed to Hell in a Coach bag?

Now, this scene is told in Tucker's point of view, and, well, poor Tucker isn't having the best day...

Why was I suddenly starting to feel like I checked into the Hotel California instead of a resort in Colorado? You can check out, but you can never leave.

"Sam, what's going on? Did Kyle do something?"

Her chin started to quiver, and then she wailed, "No!" She flung herself on my chest, sobbing. I patted her awkwardly on the back and wondered if I clicked my heels three times, could I just go home. On second thought, maybe this hotel was really located in Beverly Hills 90210, because the drama was epic.

Yep, Tucker has his hands full for sure!

To find out what he's going to do with this mess, click below to purchase TO HELL IN A COACH BAG. (Now only 99¢!) And be sure to pick up Book Two ~ DAMNED IF I DO! 


Barnes and Noble:


I hope you enjoyed this week's contribution to Book Hooks! To get hooked on some other authors' works, click below: