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I’m thrilled to again be a part of this event. My book, BEATING IN TIME, will be featured on February 9th. Wait until you read my romantic tip to enhance your love life. You won’t want to miss it.


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 Thank goodness it's number one in the series! 

Yes, the lunch ladies' kids have made it to the big time with their own series, starting with Scott and Elise...

Scottie McCord is an NHL forward who doesn’t do a lot of looking back. But when Elise Scofield moves to the same West Coast city he plays for, he can’t help but reminisce.

I’m psyched Elise will be close by. She’s a lot of fun, and I need to get the 411 on her breakup with Hunter. I warned him when they first started dating that I would be none too happy with him if he hurt Elise. Not that I have a thing for her. Sure, that kiss when we were kids was the hottest moment of my life, but that’s just because it was a first. She’s like a sister to me now.


Elise Scofield is making a fresh start. A move to sunny California may be just what she needs, especially with Scott there.

Scottie and I have always been close, “two straws in a soda” is my mom’s weird way of putting it. We’ve gotten over that awkwardness of having kissed a long time ago, and fallen into an easy brother-and-sister-type of relationship. He’s the best. And who knows? He might even introduce me to an eligible hockey player or two.

But when Scott’s teammate says he’d like to spend TEN MINUTES IN THE SIN BIN with Elise, Scott becomes hot enough to melt the ice that he plays on. Then when Scott finds out his opposite winger is only trying to win a bet by bedding Elise, he wants to check his teammate into oblivion. But why are his feelings always so amped up around Elise?

One thing’s for certain; he’s determined to keep Sergei from hurting Elise. And when he’s determined, he gets what he wants.

The only problem is...this time around he’s not sure what it is he wants.  

Want to see how it all plays out? 

It's yours for just 99 pennies! Get it here:



Window Over the Sink: Hold Fast to Dreams by Liz Flaherty

I'm going to do something I've never done before, reblog someone else's post. That's how good I think this piece is. From Romance Gem author, Liz Flaherty's blog, Window Over the Sink, which is an excellent blog to follow, by the way, here is Hold Fast to Dreams...

This came mostly from 2019. The past week or two, I've been buying school supplies here and there, worrying about Covid in the schools, about how kids are bullied, teachers are bullied, and pubic education is under constant fire from the same people who are holding the fire extinguishers behind their backs and saying "Gotcha!"

Am I biased? You bet. I have kids who teach and a grandson still in middle school. I'm afraid for the students who may not get what they need in the future, whose school curricula may be built around political platforms instead of the truth, and who have to learn to take cover before they learn the alphabet and "Red Rover, Red Rover..." I worry about teachers ending up having to be armed, know...they don't have enough to do.

I'm a mom and a nana. I got a little sick writing that. Thanks, again, for opening the Window and for reading it even when you don't agree with it.

Her name was Margaret. In my freshman year, she had someone else grade short stories we wrote, just to give us another outlook. I got great feedback--I held onto that a long time. Great feedback is an immeasurable gift. His name was Gordon. He encouraged.

Her name was Clauda. She taught both English and Latin, and I learned more about words and their origins than I ever would have thought existed.

Her name was Jane. She didn't think I'd EVER learn to type, but I did. Finally. Not well, but well enough that being a writer was much easier than it might have been.

His name was Joe. He taught Algebra and about life, and when I sold my first book, he brought me a dozen roses.

Her name was Mrs. Sullivan. She was my first grade teacher and she didn't like me, but she let me read with the second graders because I was bored. I was scared to death of her, but I learned. Every day.

His name was Graham, although I don't think they called him that. He taught Senior English. It may have been my favorite class ever.

His name was Jerry. He was a heck of a basketball coach, and he taught American History and made me love it. He also gave me a C in it. It's where I learned you don't have to be good at something to learn from it and enjoy it.

I graduated from high school 54 years ago. The list above is a microcosm of the ones who taught me in those 12 years on the way to graduation. I still remember their names, what they looked like, and things they said to me.

On November 19, 2019, almost 20,000 teachers went to the State House in Indianapolis. They sang, they chanted, they wore Red for Ed. They carried signs, they met with legislators, they publicized the shame that is our state's stance on public education. My daughter and son-in-law were there. The support our educators received was humbling. The support they provide to their students should be humbling to the lawmakers; unfortunately, it is not.

I will get off my soapbox now. I realize it's probably not the right place for it. And yet it is. Because of those people up there, I'm a writer. I know about commas and plot and quotation marks. I know that in that 12 years with them, none of them ever told me I couldn't do anything. None of them ever said I wasn't good enough. None of them ever cared where I lived or that I didn't dress as well as other girls. They gave me everything I needed in adulthood's toolbox.

And I'm still so grateful.

To all the teachers and kids and school staff going back to school, have a good week.Be safe. To them and everyone else, be nice to somebody.

-Liz Flaherty


Calling all readers! It’s a brand new year and I’m ringing in 2022 with N. N. Light’s Book Heaven New Year New Books Fete. Almost 30 books from multiple genres featured plus a chance to win a $75 Amazon gift card.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this event. My book, ROCKED BY GRACE, will be featured on Thursday, January 6th. I even talk about my resolutions/goals for 2022. You won’t want to miss it. Bookmark this bookish get-together and tell your friends:


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Happy holidays to you and yours!


Hey, all! Just giving you a heads up that for a limited time I have the LOVE AND CHAOS SERIES on sale! In preparation for ROCK IT TO THE MOON, Book Three's release next week, you can purchase Book One, ROCKED BY GRACE for less than a bill! Follow it up with purchasing Book Two, ROCKED BY LOVE, for less than two bills! Then go ahead and get the next two in the series, ROCK IT TO THE MOON and ROCK OF SALVATION. Here's a blurb for each ~

When videos hit the Internet of rock star Zane Sanders and a random fan performing what he says is a spontaneous dance, no one believes it’s unrehearsed in this sizzling romance from bestselling author M.J. Schiller.

Zane Sanders, lead singer of Just Short of Chaos, surprised everyone, including himself, when he plucked a fan out of the audience at one of his concerts.

I don’t know what possessed me to do it. I’d never done anything like that before. But something about Grace drew me to her. And within minutes of pulling her on stage, I knew I’d made one of the best decisions of my life. Since our drummer Devin’s overdose, I’d felt dead inside. Perhaps for even longer than that. But Grace was fun, sexy—and as I would discover later—good and selfless. And an irresistible magic surrounded us that made me feel alive again.

That is, until I blew it. In classic Zane style. Funny thing is, when I first got Grace up on stage, I had no idea what to do with her. Now I have no idea what I’ll do without her.

Grace Prescott was living out every girl’s fantasy.

Only thing is, fantasies ended, and I realized pretty quickly that I didn’t want this one to stop. Zane had a magnetism about him that was more than mere charisma. That was evident the moment I—the girl who normally had to be dragged out onto the dance floor—practically became a pole dancer in his arms. Then it happened. The moment everyone kept referring to as “The Kiss.” But it was all part of the show, right? It didn’t matter that Zane made more than my feet move. He stirred up feelings that scared the crap out of me. The depth of his sadness called out to me even more than his unbelievable sex appeal, and that was saying something.

But it could never work between us. He may have come from a small town like me, but he was all rock star now and totally out of my league. I was a flower shop owner, not his saving Grace.

Are some actions beyond forgiveness or will he be rocked by Grace?

When rock star Raphael Santiago comes to the defense of reporter Mia Love’s cousin, things heat up in this sizzling, new romance from bestselling author, M.J. Schiller.

Rock star Raphael Santiago is haunted by the night his friend Devin died. Maybe because there’s something that no one knows about the overdose. But when he jumps in the crowd to defend a woman at one of his concerts, he finds he doesn’t want to keep the secret from her.

Mia was a tight little ball of fire, and I was made of combustible material. She misunderstood my intentions the night we met, but I was given an opportunity to explain the next day. I wish that was our only miscommunication, but when I discovered she’d written an inflammatory article about Just Short of Chaos, I thought she was using me to get a story. The hurt that caused made me say some nasty things. Now I may have lost her forever.

Mia Love doesn’t know if Rafe is truly interested in her, or if she is merely a new plaything for him.

Oh, there was definitely a heat between us from day one. Sometimes volatile, sometimes scorching in a good way. But I’d been burnt before and I was stronger now. No way was I going to let a rock star break my heart.

When fate throws them together again, things really start to heat up.

But will they figure out how to control their passions or will their love story end in ashes?

While love had come to some of the other members of Just Short Of Chaos, Dex Rogan had no interest in getting tangled up in that mess. That is, until he stumbled upon Tatum backstage.

Before Tatum, I would have told you love was for chumps. But I would have been wrong. The moment I saw her, it was like BAM! This driving urge to be with her was more jarring than someone smacking me in the face with my drumsticks would be. And every moment since has just solidified her place in my heart. By the time I found out she was off limits, it was too late. I was all in.

Tatum Salvetti doesn’t have time for love. If it can’t be color-coded or found on the periodic table, she doesn’t need it. But when an ugly incident drives her into Dex’s arms, she’s shaken enough to step out of character for once.

I wasn’t looking for love that night, I was looking to escape, and Dex was the perfect distraction from my train wreck of a life. …He was perfect, period.

But I’m in astrophysics. I’m not stupid. I knew it wasn’t going anywhere. Even if he wasn’t just interested in a one night stand, we wouldn’t be able to hide a relationship from Zane. My brother seemed to still think of me as the ten-year-old he met when our parents wed. Well, it wasn’t any ten-year-old girl in Dex Rogan’s bed that night, and if Zane found out about it, he would go apeshit. I was trying to get away from chaos, not create it.

Tatum has sacrificed her whole life for others. But maybe this time she could think of her own desires. Could Dex’s brand of chaos be just what she needs?

Jericho Tyler was comfortable in his role as the wild man of Just Short Of Chaos. Different gorgeous women throwing themselves at him every night? What self-respecting hetero male wouldn’t dream of that? But when Salvation steps out of his shower and into his life, things start to change.

Oh, yeah. I knew the second I saw her that she didn’t belong backstage. And she didn’t belong with a man like me, for sure. But I didn’t let that stop me from seeing just how far she was willing to go to keep up her little naughty girl charade. And if she had something to prove, why not prove it with me?

Salvation Jones was not like the rest of her family. In a parcel of toe-the-line, conservative preacher’s kids, she stood out like a piece of her costume jewelry at the Inaugural Ball.

I must have had a far-sighted stork reading the directions for my delivery. I was louder than they were. More boisterous. I got into more trouble. I’d heard, “Oh, Salvation,” in my mom’s disappointed voice for so long I began to think the O stood for Olivia, or something. It’s not like I meant to misbehave, but it just came naturally to me. I’d tried to be who they wanted; now it was time for me to truly be myself. They say, “Go big or go home,” so why not start out by seducing a rock star? And not just any rock star, the luscious, womanizing Jericho Tyler. Now that was somebody worth sinning for!

Sometimes it takes a bad boy to redeem a good girl. But will she become his Salvation in the end?





Top Five Disturbing Things Found While Cleaning Out My Fridge

 So, I finished my personal edits for the second book in my LOVE AND CHAOS SERIES, ROCKED BY LOVE and sent it to my first round editor. As many of you know, when I get near an end of a book, I get obsessive and everything else goes by the wayside, email, marketing, cleaning....

Then, once it's sent off, I play catch-up on all the things I've ignored. Yesterday that was cleaning out what our family calls "the lazy freezer" and the refrigerator. We call it the lazy freezer because we have a big upright freezer in the basement storage room, and when one doesn't want to walk the fourteen steps to it, you shove it in our side-by-side freezer, which makes it the lazy freezer. 

Here are a few things that were disturbing in this endeavor. If you have a weak stomach, you'll want to stop here. 

1) The things that were long expired ~ First, I'll show you a picture of the item that we'll call the runner-up. This bottle of Durkee's expired in 2018. It has clearly survived a few refrigerator purges. 

But the big winner was the white cooking wine which expired in...2017! I'm sure the last time I cleaned the fridge I was like, "Come on. Does white cooking wine really even expire?" But I do have my limits, and three years means you don't make the cut even in my handbook!

2) The things that had been in there forever and weren't expired ~ I mean, what do they make this stuff out of if it takes ten years for it to expire? These maraschino cherries expire in 2022!

This hot sauce expires in 2024! I guess nothing could live in that stuff, including bacteria! 

3) I had a piece of Bailey's chocolate cake in the freezer. I put it there because I gave up chocolate for Lent and St. Patty's Day fell during Lent. The thing that is disturbing is that a piece of Bailey's chocolate cake went to waste! 

4) I found it disturbing when things foamed up when being pitched. They aren't supposed to do that.


5) When things that were not wine smelled like wine while being pitched. This means they had crossed over into the fermentation process, and that ain't right.

Thanks for reading! I hope you don't have to go through this disturbing process any time soon! I wonder what I'll find when I finish writing Book Three of the LOVE AND CHAOS SERIES, ROCK IT TO THE MOON.

If we were to clean out your fridge right now, could you beat me? Or are you good about checking those dates on your condiments, etc.?