Unsure of how I should proceed with today, I asked my teens if they wanted to do an Easter egg hunt this morning. My youngest daughter's "NO!" drowned out my older daughter's "Yes," so I thought the hunt was off. 

My eighteen-year-old loves family traditions. You know, the kids sitting on the stairs in birth order, (or reverse birth order, depending on the year), hidden baskets, eggs galore, sharing time with extended family and enjoying a big meal. This year we aren't going home to St. Louis for Easter, nor are we sharing it with the neighbors, which is our alternate tradition. Money's tight, so all I got for the baskets was candy, which we probably don't need, but it just seems wrong to have Easter without it. I wish I could find these one inflatable rabbits my grandma used to give us every Easter. They stood about two feet tall and even though there wasn't much you could do with them once you blew them up, I still loved them and still think about them every Easter. Other cool things, which I should have picked up this year, (and still might, shhh!) are paddle balls, punching balls, those yo-yo thingies with the curved parallel rails that the "yo-yo" ran back and forth on...do you know what I'm talking about? But I wax nostalgic.

Although the kids may or may not be too old for Easter egg hunts, I still wanted to make the day special somehow. So, we are having cannelloni  (very untraditional, I know, but we all love it and it's a high maintenance meal that I don't make often) and these Jello chocolate dipped Easter egg concoctions that the kids love (I think it's pudding and cream cheese in the middle and the chocolate shell, better look that up since time is ticking).  

Next, the stage has been set. There WILL be a family game and it WILL be without angst or bloodshed, whether it kills us or not! We don't have a lot of family game action because 1) there is almost always some sort of emotionally scarring unpleasantness, and 2) we all are so busy. The kids have a more active social life than in previous years, I'm working my writing gig, and my husband is held up in his hermit hole in the basement doing taxes, or financial aid forms, or something else vital to our family's well-being that has nothing to do with the basketball game that is  on "just for background noise." 

I have warned all to get their homework done (seeing it is the last day of Spring Break and of course the ideal time to cram in all of the homework assigned over Break!). My youngest son spent twelve hours, TWELVE HOURS, playing video games while we were watching his brother's baseball doubleheader in Ottawa yesterday, (about an hour and a half drive). We are not even sure if he ate during our absence! Needless to say, not a lot of homework got done.

What about you? Still in the fun days where kids overstuff themselves with Easter candy? (Although, come to think of it, ours still do that). Moved on to try to establish new traditions? Please share with us as we parents need to stick together!

I'd like to thank my friend, Terri, for inspiring this post as she reminded me that I need to include more of the other, non-writing, me on here! Happy Easter all!


We are very lucky to have with us today the fascinating and scintillating Dylan & Ariela from Tara Mill's IN LOVE AND WAR. Welcome!

Dylan, let's start with you. Tell me about yourself? What is your occupation? Why?

Hi M.J..  My name is Dylan Bond. I’m a journalist. I guess I got my start in high school. I wrote a column for the student newspaper. Think of The Onion and you’ll get an idea of what my sense of humor and sarcasm were like at the time. Once I got to college, I started taking journalism more seriously. Now it’s very important to me, but it can be physically and emotionally grueling.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's get down to the juicy part. How did you two meet? And what was your first impression of Ariela?

I saw Ariela get hit by a bike messenger when he shot out of a parking lot. One minute she’s was walking down the sidewalk, the next, she’s sprawled on her back. He’d knocked her out so obviously I was concerned. I remember thinking at the time that she looked so pretty. She reminded me of sleeping beauty. I actually wondered if a kiss could wake her. Not that I’d act on it, but I thought about it. Didn’t matter — my dog, Max, beat me to it.
Dylan, tell me, just what is it that you want out of life?

What I want most is a little calm in the violent storm of my life. Just a little normal in the chaos.  I’d love it if Ariela was there waiting for me. That’s up to her.

Has life handed you any major disappointments?

This has been a very tough year for me, personally, and professionally. I was regrouping and trying to decide my next move career-wise when I met Ariela. She was like a breath of fresh air and a welcome distraction when I needed it most.           
Now, for a less serious question. What CD is in your CD player right now?

Hero by Family of the Year.  Do you know it?  Love that song.

Can't say that I do. I'll have to check that out. Now Ariela. You've been waiting so patiently.  Tell me about yourself?  What is your occupation? Strengths, weaknesses?

Oh, it’s my turn? Sorry, he distracted me. Hi, I’m Ariela Perrine. I’m an interior decorator. My strengths? I suppose I’d say my creativity. Weaknesses? That’s easy, hero types – go figure! I’d already crossed them off my datable list.    

What’s your family like and how does your upbringing affect you now?

I lost both of my parents when I was twelve. My dad was a cop, killed on duty. My mom took her own life when he died. I was raised by my grandmother. I made a promise to myself that I’d never fall in love with someone in a dangerous job. It scared me. It still scares me. Turns out it isn’t a decision you can make. The heart makes the choice and you can’t stop that, not even to protect it.
Describe Dylan. What was your first impression of him and did it change over time?

Dylan is smart, funny . . . sexy. He’s so interesting because he’s been everywhere. I’m not kidding, he’s got stories. He’s incredibly compassionate and ethical. I trust him. My first impression . . . hmm. Well, everything was kinda hazy and the sunlight was right behind him. I remember the sound of his voice first. It was comforting— the tone, not the words. Then I finally saw his deep blue eyes and, well, I fell again. I liked him immediately. I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t help it.     
I like that! You "fell again." I can see why! But come on! Isn't there anything about Dylan that you would consider a flaw?

Oh yeah. He can be spare on details. He asks all kinds of questions but doesn’t give much out himself. That can get annoying. I understand why he does it. He doesn’t want to get caught up in lies, but it still irritates me. His middle name is obfuscation.  
I see! Interesting! I asked Dylan this, but what is it that YOU want out of life?

Like most women, I want love, marriage, and children.  I’m even starting to warm to the idea of a dog in the picture.

A dog like say, Max? If you had an unexpected free day, what would you do with it?

That’s easy. We’d sleep in late then take Max for a long walk around the lake. Afterwards, I suppose we’d go home, maybe open a bottle of wine on the patio and fire up the grill. I think I’d have to kick Dylan’s butt in some serious backgammon.  We’re both pretty competitive. I don’t know. I just like hanging out with him. That’s what I’d want to do. My perfect day.

Sounds very enjoyable. Now Dylan told us about his "Hero" song. What CD is in your CD player right now?

Funny you should ask. I was just listening to Head over Feet by Alanis Morrisette.  I totally understand where she’s coming from.

Well thank you for sharing with us today! It has been a delight talking to you both! Now here's a blurb from IN LOVE AND WAR. I see Dylan's pretty blue eyes on the cover!      
         Sometimes love really is worth fighting for, but picking
your battles isn't so easy—especially when lives are at stake

Ariela Perrine refuses to consider a certain type of man. She watched how loving a self-sacrificing hero destroyed her mother and left her orphaned at a young age. So yes, she does tend to go out with lackluster men—with predictable results. But she's safe. And bored, at least until an accident brings the interior decorator face to face with an unforgettable pair of blue eyes, a playful smile, and his overly affectionate dog.
Oh yeah, journalist Dylan Bond makes her sizzle, but dare she risk it? After all, he's just returned from Iraq--a war zone for crying out loud! Ariela’s weak resistance crumbles with his assurance that he's back to covering domestic stories and their relationship hits the tarmac at a dizzying speed. Unfortunately, an unexpected phone call lures Dylan back into danger and he falls off the radar outside the green zone. Sensing something’s gone desperately wrong, Ariela’s ready to make a deal with the devil to find him and bring him back. As the days of fear and panic stretch on, they’re both tested in ways neither expected. Will it bring them closer or destroy their fragile peace forever? 

In Love and War is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
You can read the first chapter and so much more by visiting Tara Mills Romance.  Tara’s also on Facebook, or you can follow her on Twitter.


Please help me welcome Lynn Cahoon to my blog today! Lynn lives near my hometown of St. Louis and is also a fellow Crimson author so we've had the opportunity to get to know one another, and let me tell you, you're going to love her. She's a hoot, and very talented. Let's find out a little more about that.

So Lynn, what is the best thing you’ve learned about writing and/or the publishing business?

To the determined goes the spoils.  Seriously, I see so many writers who give up after one book doesn’t sell. Or, they sell one book, then don’t hit the lists first time out and they are done.   It took me a while to find my groove, what I love to write.  And, I think I get better with each finished manuscript.

Not to mention the determination it takes to get here in the first place, huh? Now here's a key question, how do you balance the demands of your everyday life and your writing life?

I write when I can.  I set yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. So I know what baby step I’m taking every day.  And if I don’t meet the baby step, I won’t meet the weekly goals, and, so on.  But when I am rocking on my daily goals, life is good.  I’m a big proponent of doing something every day – promotion, marketing, writing, or editing.  Or even research.  I have a list of books I’m planning on writing this year.  And have more on my list that I’d like to finish.  Unfortunately, I have the day job. 

Yeah, that whole steady income thing is a real drag. Why don't you give us a brief glimpse at your road to publication.

I wrote four years before I sold more than a short story or essay. My target publisher was Harlequin American.  I read and analyzed their line for months before I started each book, but then, after a long waiting period and a couple re-writes, they turned down what I thought was the best manuscript I’d written.   I decided I’d send it out to a new digital first publisher, if they turned it down, I’d put The Bull Rider’s Brother under the bed and start again.
I sent the query on Friday night.  An hour later, I got a request for the full.  Then I had a contract in hand in a week. 
A week later, I got a second contract offer for A Member of the Council.   

Since that time, I’ve sold four other projects. I released three books in 2012 and will release at least three in 2013. (Including the second installment in The Council Series – Return of the Fae.  http://lyricalpress.com/return-of-the-fae/ )

Now I’m reaching for the next rung and will be shopping a cozy mystery this month trying to snag an agent.

Tell me more about where you live? And where would you love to live?

From my bio – Lynn lives on the banks of the Mississippi river in a town steeped in history.  Basically I live in the St Louis area with my husband. The little town we live in was on the ghost hunter show because of all the paranormal activity.  A ‘certified’ haunted mansion sits just down the road from our house.  We moved here about seven years ago from my home state of Idaho. So I write about both settings, the Idaho mountains and the more city-fied St. Louis.   I want to retire on the Oregon Coast or Seattle.  My husband is pressing for a cabin in the Idaho mountains.  We might have to compromise. 

Now for a fun question. Name your favorite children's story.

I have two – A Wrinkle in Time (Madeleine L'Engle) and The Phantom Tollbooth (Norton Juster) Both books focus on a life away from the everyday normal, a wish I’d had for years growing up.   I keep looking for an old schoolbook (blue cover – probably second grade reader 1966-67) that had a story about a little boy who took a walk in the park… my earliest paranormal read.  And of course it rhymed.

I loved "The Phantom Tollbooth" but it's a little off-beat and not as widely known as some others, so I'm glad to see that it is one of your favorites, too. It was great having you here today, Lynn!

Thanks for inviting me MJ!

Come back anytime!

Now here's Lynn's blurb for A MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL: 

A rogue hunter, a clueless witch and a mission to save an unknowing world.

Parris McCall, owner of the dive bar, The Alibi, has finally constructed a life where her little quirks don’t show or matter to anyone. As for her grandmother's warnings that she’s different, well, she'll cross that bridge if she comes to it. But when Ty walks into her bar, both lives are instantly changed.

Ty Wallace loves his life. How could he not? He’s a powerful human lawyer by day and the Magic Council's rogue witch hunter by night. But after he agrees to substitute on his secretary’s dart team, all hell breaks loose. Now Ty has to help Parris admit who she is before her long-lost relatives kill her.

BIO -Lynn Cahoon is a contemporary romance author with a love of hot, sexy men, real and imagined. Her alpha heroes range from rogue witch hunters, modern cowboys, or hot doctors, sexy in scrubs. And her heroines all have one thing in common, their strong need for independence. Or at least that’s what they think they want.  She blogs at her website www.lynncahoon.wordpress.com

print -  na


           ~ About Serena Clarke ~
Serena grew up in a family of itchy-footed readers and dreamers – not concentrating, reading the atlas and Narnia books, and planning to escape somewhere magical as soon as she could. When she was 16, she went from New Zealand to live in Sweden for a year. It was the beginning of many travels and adventures – and quite a few disasters! She didn’t know it at the time, but eventually she’d be grateful for all the downs as well as the ups. As writers say in the face of adversity: “I can use that.” She’s now living back in New Zealand, where she writes stories reflecting her determined belief in magic, possibility and second chances – and happy endings!

Thanks for having me for a chat today, M.J.!
The pleasure is all mine! Let's get started.

Where do you live? Where would you love to live?

I’m lucky to live in New Zealand, in a leafy seaside suburb. This is the beach a few minutes from my house. (That’s a dormant volcano – and we’re hoping it stays that way!) I’ve lived in other places in the world, but this is one of the loveliest places I know. If I could choose anywhere else to live now, it would have to be Paris! *le sigh*

Do you have a job outside of writing? What is it and how does it mesh with your writing?
I do freelance writing, editing and proofreading, which works in well with writing fiction. Sometimes all my contract deadlines come at once, which isn’t so good – but that’s what the midnight oil’s for…

Name your favorite children's story.
I’m especially fond of Richard Scarry books. Really, how cool would it be to drive a pickle car?! My children’s favourite is Busy Busy World, with funny little stories set in all kinds of places. It inspired them to go on and learn all the flags of the world – more proof of how wonderful books are for kids!

Who was your hero when you were a child, and what did you do to be like them?
I was in awe of my big brother. He’s nine years older than me, so he was off doing cool stuff before I’d even finished primary school, and he went on to a very successful international career in journalism. I’ve done lots of wordy jobs too, but I never stuck at anything long enough to hit the heights he has. I still think he’s marvellous!

What was your nickname growing up or now?
When I first left NZ, I lived in Sweden with a tall, blonde family – and I’m short and brunette. They nicknamed me ‘Lillen’, which means ‘little one’. Apt!

What one thing (modern convenience) could you not live without?
Up until about a week ago, I would have said hair straighteners. But then I splashed out on a salon hair-smoothing treatment – talk about life-changing! So now I’ll say the internet. How very, very different life would be without it!

Well, that wraps up our interview. It was a lot of fun! 

Thanks MJ (and the internet!) for giving me the opportunity to visit – I had a great time!

You can find Serena here – she’d love to hear from you!

About Serena’s book All Over the Place – contemporary romantic fiction with a chick lit feel

Livi Callaway has fled back to London after a reality TV disaster in New Zealand. Safely anonymous in the big city, she’s determined to stay under the radar from now on. But her attempts to build a new life are complicated by unexpected visitors from her old one, and new dangers and temptations lie in wait.

Late one night, she meets a mysteriously sexy American on the Underground – and the events that follow take her from Pooh Bear to the golden lights of Paris, via a trail of rock stars dead and alive. A family in disarray, a determined Swede, a crazed Australian and a childhood friend (who might yet be more than that) have her all over the place as she tries to discover the American’s secret – while keeping her own.

With help – and occasional hindrance – from her friends, what she eventually finds is something unexpected...sometimes, running away can lead you to exactly what you didn’t know you needed.

All Over the Place is available from all major e-book retailers, including:


Hi, MJ!

Thanks for inviting me, Patrick, and Dana for a visit today! Neither expected to find a hook-up in The Problem with Paddy, but their imaginations aren’t nearly as productive as mine. Their story is available now at most major e-retailers and kicks off the paranormal Shrew & Company series – five romances, one overarching plot. I’ll just get out of the way and let them talk now.
-Holley Trent


Hero- Tell me about yourself? What is your occupation? Why? What are your strengths & weaknesses?
My name’s Patrick O’Dwyer. People call me “Pat” and sometimes “Paddy.” In fact, “Paddy’s” is the name of my pub, but I don’t generally respond to that name. I’m ornery that way. I’m a pub owner and spend most of my days keeping my kitchen manager upright. I own a pub because it’s in my blood, I guess. My da had one back in Ireland. When I left there, I figured I’d do the same. It’s all I knew.

Strengths? Well, now. I’m great at reading people. I’d have to be to be bartender, right? People always want to use me like some kind of therapist…and I listen, as long as they keep drinking.

Weaknesses? Delegation. Can’t do it.

What is your earliest childhood memory?

Sitting on the floor of my da’s pub office reading a dirty magazine.
Just kidding. Nobody really “reads” those.

What do you like about Dana?

She’s so feckin’ cute. (Don’t tell her I said that. She’d probably reconfigure my family jewels with one of her knees.)

What CD is in your CD player right now?

The original cast recording from Riverdance.
Just kidding.
No, actually I’m not. I haven’t actually used my CD player since I moved to the U.S. Never bothered taking that disc out. Pretty sure it was my ex’s.

Heroine- Tell me about yourself?  What is your occupation? Strengths, weaknesses?

My name is Dana Slade. I’m a Mutant-American thanks to a botched research study. Yeah, I’m bitter about it. Caused me to lose my job. I was a police detective, but apparently Durham PD doesn’t like it when their officers have warped DNA. The experiment nearly killed me, but I landed on my feet. I use my enhanced abilities now as a private eye/security consultant.
My biggest strength is my tenacity. I never give up. It’s why I had the highest solved case rate in the department when I was there. My biggest weakness is probably *mumbles* my mouth.

What is your earliest childhood memory?

Watching my granddaddy clean his Ruger.

Is there anything about Patrick you would consider a flaw?

He’s pretty laidback, but if you manage to annoy him, that brogue is downright indecipherable. It hardly rates as English.

What is it that you want out of life?

Believe it or not, I wouldn’t mind settling down and having a kid or two. Assuming I still can. Crap. I need to call the mutant doc.

Has life handed you any major disappointments?

Hello? Mutant?

If you had an unexpected free day, what would you do with it?

Nice long bath and a box of wine.
The thing about being a mutant shrew is that alcohol doesn’t have much effect against my metabolism. Being drunk is a distant memory. At best, I can take the edge off, but that’s about it.

About The Problem with Paddy (Shrew & Company No. 1)

Pub owner Patrick O’Dwyer disappears right before his pub’s locally-famous Saint Paddy’s Day 5K race. His staff suspects foul play and engages Durham’s surliest private eye to find him.

Dana Slade is a former police detective who got canned after a botched research study warped her DNA. She’s a Mutant-American, and none too pleased about it. Her special gifts, unique as they are, hardly make up for her nearly losing her life to an untested drug. If anything, they remind her to never trust a sweet-talking man ever again. It was her ex who signed her up for the study.

She takes the case. Within three hours, she locates Mr. O’Dwyer in a Great Smoky Mountains cabin. He’s not only hiding. He’s keeping a secret.

Patrick is enamored of the straight-shooting Dana, and knows not to bother trying to tame the shrew. In fact, he likes her attitude almost as much as he likes her curves. For the first time in three years, Dana thinks she might be able to let her guard down, but that changes when Patrick drags himself home beat up and covered in mud. Apparently, there’s a feud raging in the mountains and he’s right in the middle of it.

As good as he makes her feel, the charming bartender could make her life even more complicated than it already is. Just her luck that the Irishman would come with a heap of baggage instead of a pot of gold.

This paranormal romance novella is available now at All Romance eBooks, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

To learn more about Holley Trent’s Shrew series or see what other literary shenanigans she’s cooking up, visit her online at holleytrent.com. She writes sassy Southern romances and the occasional fantasy. She tweets under the handle @HolleyTrent.

Featuring: Eliza Daly's IDENTITY CRISIS!

Please welcome today my friend, and fellow Crimson Romance author, Eliza Daly, whose book, IDENTITY CRISIS is due out today!  

Here's a blurb:

When Olivia Doyle’s father dies under suspicious circumstances, rather than inheriting a family fortune, she inherits a new identity. She learns they were placed in the Federal Witness Protection Program when she was five years old. Her father was involved in an art forgery ring and testified against the mob. Brought up not to trust anyone, Olivia has a difficult time relying on U.S. Marshal Ethan Ryder to protect her, and to keep her secret. She fears her father may have continued his life of crime through her art gallery. She has little choice but to depend on Ethan when she realizes someone is now after her. Olivia’s search for the truth leads her and Ethan across country to a family and past she doesn’t remember.

At the age of ten, Ethan witnessed a brutal murder. He vowed when he grew up, he’d protect people in danger. Protecting Olivia is difficult when she won’t trust him. He soon realizes his desire to protect her goes beyond doing his job, but if his judgment becomes clouded by emotions, her safety could be jeopardized. 
Can Ethan and Olivia learn to trust each other when they uncover secrets that will change their lives forever?

Identity Crisis is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, All Romance, eBooks.com, and Kobo.

Wow! That sounds like a real thriller! And I love the name Ethan. Just sounds like a sexy, tough guy. Here's an excerpt:

Father Clifford slipped a yellowed envelope from the side pocket of his vestment. “Your father gave this to me many years ago. Asked that I give it to you upon his death.”

She took the envelope from his hand. The organ music faded and a desolate, eerie stillness fell over the church, raising the hairs on the back of her neck. She tightened the shawl around her shoulders. She opened the envelope to find a letter and a newspaper clipping. She started with the letter.

Dear Livvy,

First, know that I loved you more than anything in this world. That’s why I hope someday you’ll forgive me for what I’ve done. Telling you the truth while I was alive could have put your life in danger. Now that I’m gone, I no longer fear for your safety. They would only have hurt you to get to me.

The only way to keep us safe was to enter the Witness Protection Program when you were five. Leaving our friends and family was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I can’t stand the thought of you now being alone. I hope you’ll go back to our family, in the town where I grew up, Five Lakes, Wisconsin. I’d like to be laid to rest there, next to your mother. Please forgive me enough to grant me this one last wish. If you should ever encounter any problems, contact Roy Howard, the U.S. Marshal who relocated us, at 415-334-9076. I’m so sorry. Please believe you were the most important thing to me. You were my life. My Livvy.

Love, Dad

Olivia stood paralyzed, her mind racing, trying to comprehend the letter. Was this some kind of sick joke? For the past twenty-four years her dad had lived in fear that somebody would hurt them? What had forced him to leave behind everyone he’d loved? Everyone she’d probably loved, but obviously couldn’t remember. And if her mom wasn’t buried in San Francisco, whose grave had Olivia been visiting here all these years? She tried to hold the letter steady in her trembling hands. Of course it was vague. Her dad had been a man of few words. However, these few words expressed a lot of emotion, something he’d never been good at doing. 

“Is everything all right?” Father Clifford’s voice penetrated her thoughts.

Concern creased the older man’s brow and from the curiosity filling his gray eyes, he had no clue what the envelope contained. Her dad hadn’t even trusted a priest with his secret. Her dad had been the only person she’d ever really trusted, and it turned out she hadn’t truly known him. 

She merely nodded, unable to find her voice. She inhaled a deep breath. The scent of beeswax candles and incense did little to calm the panic racing through her veins. She unfolded a clipping from a Chicago newspaper, dated twenty-four years ago. The headline read Art Dealer in Bed with Mob Blows Whistle on Forgery Ring and Vinnie Carlucci. The article included a photo of police officers escorting her dad. She started reading the article.Prominent Chicago art dealer Andrew Donovan confesses to having sold more than a hundred forgeries …

Her stomach dropped. She slapped a hand over her mouth, certain she was about to vomit right there on the pew. 

Her dad had been a criminal. 

The nature of his crime made it all the more surreal. 

She stared in disbelief at the papers in her hand. His name had been Andrew Donovan, not Alex Doyle. Her last name was Donovan. Was her first name actually Olivia? Instead of inheriting a family fortune, she’d inherited a new identity. 

Or rather, an old one.

Ooh, nicely done, Eliza! And now, more about the author:

Eliza Daly’s first attempt at creative writing was in fourth grade. She and her friends were huge Charlie’s Angels fans and she would sit in her bedroom at night writing scripts for them to act out at recess the following day. She was Kelly Garrett. Fast forward to the present, she’s still writing stories about beautiful women who always get their men. The journey from fourth grade script writer to published author wasn’t an easy one, but it was always an adventure and the final destination was well worth it. 

When Eliza isn’t traveling for her job as an event planner, or tracing her ancestry roots through Ireland, she’s at home in Milwaukee working on her next novel, bouncing ideas off her husband Mark, and her cats Quigley, Frankie, and Sammy. 

You can find Eliza on the web at Website, Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.
I also used to act out Charlie's Angels with my little sister, only she was Kelly and I was Chris Monroe (Cheryl Ladd). What a great show! 

To celebrate the March 4 release of Identity Crisis, Eliza will be awarding one $20 gift certificate, and two $10 gift certificates, for either Amazon or Barnes & Noble to three randomly drawn commenters during her excerpt reveal tour March 4. Please include your e-mail address with your comment. Winners will be contacted on March 8. Good luck everyone!

So here's your chance. Give us your thoughts on IDENTITY CRISIS or tell us which Charlies's Angel you were [would be especially interesting for male commentors ( ; ]. Don't forget to include your email address! Thanks for stopping by!