You Should Pick Up The Phone ~ It's SATAN, LINE ONE!

Hello, All! It's been many a moon since I've blogged, but that's because I've been working on writing some great books for you. Well, that and Life. Life happens. Which is good, because it also makes me a better writer--but I digress. 

Anyway...I wanted to share with you the story behind my new release, SATAN, LINE ONE. Like much from this series, the book ties in with my real life. Back when I was a lunch lady, there was a coworker of ours who could be, well...a bit uptight. We grew to love her, but she could make things challenging at times. I believe it was my best friend--the inspiration for my character Sam--who gave her the title "Satan."   (Possibly a little unkind, but the reason it was funny was because she was so not Satan, but we liked to exaggerate things for our amusement. For instance, we liked to say the Athletic Club was evil because they left messes behind that we had to clean up. They then became the subject to blame for anything from global warming and terrorism, to the reason for the stain in the sink, and everything in between.) Then, I think I was the first one to say, when our rigid, domineering coworker would call, "Satan, line one." Someone added that this would be a good book title and I was off to the races! When I began the first book in the series, TO HELL IN A COACH BAG, it only seemed natural that SATAN, LINE ONE would find its way into the DEVILISH DIVAS SERIES. 

Now--I had a title, where was the story? Out of the title, a character was inspired, one Josephine Compton. I wanted another character who could have a nickname like a men's name, like Sam (Samantha), Dani (Danielle), Max (Maxine), and Alex (Alexis). Enter Jo! Jo (Josephine) took on the rigidity of our coworker, but why was she like that? Jo's backstory fell into place easily. She was from a large, chaotic family. The kind who put the fun in dysfunctional. In order to reinstate order in her life, Jo developed a disciplined, rule-following personality. To stick out in a family where it was easy to be overlooked, she became a high-achiever and a principal at a young age. 

Being a new principal, or a new boss in any setting, has its challenges. A lot of people (myself included) don't like change. We become comfortable with the status quo and change throws us off-balance. That being true, anyone walking into a new role in this sort of environment is already disliked, even before they slap a name plate on their office door. Long before they've made their first decision, they are seen as the enemy. 

Who, then, to pair with our little anal-retentive principal? Hello, Killian Murphey! Killian is the anti-Jo. He is laid-back to the point that it is a detriment to his growth. How did he get that way? His parents died and left him an orphan, shuttled off from his home in Ireland to an uncle's in the United States. Like his father, Killian was easy-going and comfortable in his role as a bartender. Until he finds someone who inspires him to reach further and become more than what he is settling for. 

When Jo walks into his bar, Killian is smitten right from the start. The more he learns about this naive, lonely woman, the more he falls in love with her. He watches on as Dani and Sam try to coach Jo--or Josie, as they sometimes call her--in the fine art of picking up men. Making Sam and Dani see him as a contender for Jo's heart then becomes the hurdle that Killian needs to leap. In his mind a lowly bartender is no match for a woman of Josephine's statue. Thank goodness Jo doesn't see things the same way. But in her eyes, she's no match for his charm, good-looks, and worldliness. Like most good partnerships, the two fill in each other's gaps, and help one another to grow.

Well, now you've seen how it all started, you need to see how things end up. Pick up SATAN, LINE ONE at the following retailers and give it a read. Jo and Killian are dying to tell you their story! 

And then be on the lookout for Book Five, PITCHFORK IN THE ROAD. When Zoe and Zack are reunited as adults, how can they overcome the pain caused by their breakup? And, with Nick in the picture now, how can Zoe make a choice between her two best friends? 

PITCHFORK is in the development stage with the publisher, and Book Six, A SIN WORTH THE PENANCE, will be a continuation of Killian's story. The devilish divas certainly have a lot to share with you! So hop on over to Amazon--or whatever retailer you prefer--and get started!


As always, thanks for reading!