I am mostly known as a rock romance writer, because of my ROCKING ROMANCE COLLECTION. My most recent release, however, is part of my ROMANTIC REALMS COLLECTION, books with some sort of royalty as a main character, set in fictional times and places. Some might see this as quite a divergence from my norm. But I’m not sure that the chasm is that wide. 

You see, I contend that blacksmith’s were the rock

stars of their times. Let’s look at the similarities. Both blacksmiths and rock stars are usually physically fit from their jobs. Blacksmiths, after all, spent a great deal of their time swinging a hammer. Rock musicians also have to be in peak condition to be able to perform at a high energy level night after night. While hot by the forge, it is also hot underneath blazing stage lights. Both blacksmiths and rock stars create something beautiful in an angry sort of way. They both provide things we need. And, well, both are into metal… ;)

Okay, that last one may be stretching it a bit, but you get the idea. The hero from my new release, AN UNCOMMON LOVE, Seth Hobbes, actually reminds me a lot of Chad Evans, super rock star from TRAPPED UNDER ICE. Both have tempers, but are good men underneath it all. And then, too, they both are gorgeous. There’s that! Let me tell you a little more about AN UNCOMMON LOVE.


Princess Adriana had her life all figured out. Or, to be more precise, she had her life all figured out for her. Before she was even born she was betrothed to Garin, and that was perfectly acceptable as he became her childhood friend, and then, eventually, the person she would swap kisses with inside the palace gardens. She never questioned it, never had a reason to, until the day a commoner was brought before her father, the King, to be punished.

As soon as Adriana’s eyes connect with Seth’s across the stone courtyard, she begins to question everything in her life. For his part, Seth Hobbes is confused about his feelings for the beautiful princess who refuses to match any of his preconceived notions of what a princess should be like, starting when Adriana begs her father to release him. When Seth creeps into the castle at night to thank her, they begin to build a relationship with one another that is often as explosive as it is endearing. When fate ends up separating the two, they must undertake a long and arduous journey to be reunited and then overcome the objections Adriana’s father has to their relationship. Will Adriana be able to make Seth see her for herself and not as the princess that he imagines? And if she does, will she ever be able to convince her father that, despite his objections, there is nothing “common” about Seth at all?


The king seemed to consider her argument a moment. He shrugged indifferently. “Well, if that is what you want.” He smiled at her, waving a hand over the gathering beneath him. “Release the prisoner.”

There was a cheer from the small part of the crowd that had come in support of the accused commoner. The brunette rushed to the prisoner’s side and threw her arms around him.

Adriana was about to turn to go, when the prisoner raised his head from where he had laid it on the woman’s shoulder and studied her. Her breath felt tight in her chest.

The man’s arms, which a guard had been working to release with a small dagger, came free and he swooped the woman up, closing his eyes for a beat, and then saying something to her with a tender smile. He set the woman on her feet and slipped an arm around her shoulder. He glanced in Adriana’s direction one more time as he turned to go.

She dropped her eyes, filled with confusion. When she glanced up again, all she could see was the man’s back. His shirt was ripped to shreds and bloodied from the blows he had received, but he walked away with a happy ease she found enviable.

Garin’s hand clasped her shoulder. “Why did you do that?”

“I do not know,” she answered honestly.

“It could not possibly be because the commoner was—” he quirked an eyebrow, “—somewhat handsome.”

“Nay.” Feeling her response was a bit too adamant, she hurried to add, “I just did not want to see anything happen—to anybody, boy, girl, good-looking, or not.” Besides he is not somewhat handsome, he is gorgeous! She looked back over her shoulder just as the object of her thoughts was passing under the stone gate of the castle’s outer walls and sighed wistfully. Then she turned back to Garin with a smile. “Let us go get ready for my ball.”

He smiled in return and gave a little half-bow. “After you, m’lady.”

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  1. Good tweak to the heart - Adriana's confusion will need us into the next chapter. Can't wait.

  2. Thank you for joining me on the tour, Kathleen! I appreciate your support so very much!

  3. Thank you for joining me on the tour, Kathleen! I appreciate your support so very much!

  4. There's something to be said about a man who's muscular and a little sweaty from some serious hard work. Never thought a blacksmith could make me pause, but you got me thinking, MJ. Continued luck with the series!!

    1. Thanks, Miss Terri! That's the kind of pause we all can enjoy! I appreciate you stopping in!

  5. Love the excerpt. Sounds like a wonderful book--and honestly, I'd find it easier to love a blacksmith than most rock stars! ;)

    1. Not my rock stars, Leslie! ;) Let's face it, there are a lot of wonderful men in a myriad of professions! We're lucky girls! Thanks for dropping by here, today, Leslie and continued luck with UNATTAINABLE!

  6. I'm leaving my husband for Seth.
    -R.T. Wolfe


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