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Colonial America Was Sexy…Really

Who doesn’t love a Regency novel? The allure of that time period is the touchstone of romance novels for many readers. Beautiful gowns, gallant swains, horse-drawn carriages, the Ton, and strict social mores (that our heroines love to ignore). But if you go back a mere 40 years across the pond, you will find that the American colonial period was just as romantic. Think of the love letters between John and Abigail Adams during their courtship.

In Love’s Destiny, many of the elements that make a Regency novel romantic are also present in this colonial America story. Beautiful gowns with low décolletage that invite a man’s gaze, lovers meeting in moonlit gardens or beside a crackling fire, playful interchange between a man and woman exploring a potential tryst, and the passion that results when their chemistry ignites. The recipe for romance is complete and satisfying.

Jonathon Brentwood is captain of the merchant ship The Destiny, and in his travels, has experienced life and all of its pleasures. He is a committed patriot who works for the Committees of Correspondence and fights against the tyranny of English rule. (Well, I guess that’s a big difference since Regency romances are set in England.) But the dedication and loyalty of friends working together for a common cause that calls Jonathon to danger and heroism are the stuff of which romance is made. The dashing, handsome hero who never compromises his integrity, but realizes nothing in life compares to his love for his lady.

Emily Wentworth, a young woman who lives in England, defies the social norms of the day because she is educated and well-read. Shocking the ton, (yes it existed even then) she refuses an expected marriage proposal in order to follow Jonathon to Virginia where revolution is fomenting. Her journey is not just across the Atlantic; it is a journey of her heart as well for she must come to terms with her attraction to Jonathon. Their resistance to the attraction each feels for the other melts during a secluded encounter, but many barriers block their happiness including divided loyalties and a former spiteful lover.

In Love’s Spirit, their story continues as the revolution begins increasing the threat to Jonathon’s life, while danger at home threatens Emily’s. Lovers separated by life’s demands and dangers, sweeping vistas of historic countryside, valiant defeat of enemies and transformation through love, these are not just found in Regency romances. Our founding fathers were…uh, fathers after all.


Love’s Destiny The simmering rebellion in the American colonies is the backdrop for this smoldering romance. When Jonathon Brentwood, captain of the Destiny and committed patriot, comes into the life of Emily Wentworth, a young English woman, divided loyalties and desire to honor a father’s dying wish cannot hold their passion at bay. But their pasts and the future of a young country stand in the way of their destiny.

Love’s Spirit As the Revolutionary War breaks out the story of Jonathon and Emily continues. Both face danger: Jonathon from the British who want to hang him for treason, and Emily from the woman whose love for Jonathon has driven her mad. While the impending birth of their baby is cause for celebration, threats from the British and from evil lurking at Brentwood Manor present obstacles to their love.

Excerpts ~  

Love’s Destiny

“Captain Brentwood? I am pleased to meet you.”

Emily was annoyed at the tremble in her voice. He bent and kissed her hand, his lips brushing softly against her skin. Their eyes met as he straightened. Emily tried to steady herself, unable to make her heart stop beating so hard. She was sure he could hear it. She reminded herself of her plan, and quickly regained her composure, straightening to her full height.

“You must be exhausted after your long, hurried voyage. May I offer you some tea,” she paused noting his suppressed smile, “or some brandy?” she added.

“Brandy would be fine. Thank you, … uh … Miss Wentworth,” he replied still fighting back the smile.

Emily led him into the parlor and rang for the maid; Etta appeared. Emily knew this would be difficult for Etta still thought of her as a child.

“Two brandies please, Etta.” She raised her chin as she had practiced before the mirror. Etta started to protest, but something in Emily’s eyes stopped her, and she hurried off to get the drinks.

“Please sit down, Captain Brentwood,” Emily said coolly as she sat on the end of the settee. To her confusion, Jonathon sat beside her rather than in the chair she had indicated. A crooked smile played around his lips as though he attempted to hide a joke. He thought of the “Little Em” of George’s stories and chuckled to himself. Nothing had prepared him for this beautiful girl who was trying so hard to be a woman.

“We have much to discuss, Miss Wentworth,” he said as Etta returned with a tray carrying the decanter and two crystal glasses.

“Indeed we have, Captain,” she replied.

Etta set the tray on the table in front of Emily. The housekeeper poured brandy into the glasses, and Emily was grateful for she had no idea what an appropriate amount would have been. She thought Etta rather stingy based on what was in each glass, but she took them and handed one glass to Jonathon. “Thank you, Etta; that will be all.” She turned to Jonathon dismissing the housekeeper.

“Hmmmph!” Etta grumbled as she left the room.

Jonathon silently saluted Emily and then took a drink from his glass. Emily sipped hers and tried to choke down the spasms of coughing that threatened to overcome her. She had sampled wine before at social gatherings, but had never tasted brandy. Heat spread down her throat and she blinked the tears out of her eyes causing her to miss the fleeting smile that crossed Jonathon’s face. It was a few minutes before she caught her breath enough to speak.

Love’s Spirit

Virginia, March 1776
Emily Brentwood slowly rose to consciousness steeling herself against the assault of anguish and sorrow that accosted her at every dawn. For the last four months the memory of her beloved husband Jonathon, shot and dragged into a British skiff, had been the image that lifted her from her sleep and carried her to waking. The terror she had felt as that scene had unfolded before her, leaving her to believe that he was dead, seeped through her as if it were all happening again.

But something was different this morning. What was it? She battled waking to delay the pain, but there was a whisper of awareness that eased her reluctance. The sun was not rising; it was slanting in the western sky, and the pungent aroma of cedar surrounded her. Slowly coming awake, she started at the sensation of strong arms holding her and warm breath tickling the back of her neck. Jonathon was beside her. She gasped as her eyes flew open.

“Jonathon,” she breathed.

“Love,” he answered sleepily.

She rolled toward him and buried her face in his chest. His scent was intoxicating and the thick mat of hair tickled her nose; she burrowed into him and he kissed the top of her head. Her arms encircled him and pulled him closer, but his gasp reminded her that his injuries were still fresh. She released him.

“No, do not let me go,” he whispered.

“I fear I will hurt you. You are badly beaten, Jonathon.”

Emily recalled the shock of first seeing her husband so bruised and battered when she had arrived at the cabin. His left eye was swollen almost shut, and his cheeks, chest and back bore the marks of a cat-o'-nine-tails. She had been reluctant to touch him at all for fear of inflicting more pain, but he had reached out his arms to her and she had melted into them. Gently, slowly, she had eased against his body tentatively testing each move until they lay together, lost in the bliss of the other’s touch.

Bio ~   

Elizabeth Meyette

Author, poet, freelance writer and blogger Elizabeth Meyette published her first novel, Love’s Destiny in June 2012. She had written the historical romance 30 years earlier, but it languished in her closet during her career in education as an English teacher and Media Specialist. Upon retiring from teaching, she dusted off Love’s Destiny, polished it up and submitted it to Crimson Romance, an imprint of F&W Media, who published it. Unlike her first novel, the sequel, Love’s Spirit took only seven months from inception to submission, and was published as an ebook on April 22, 2013. Elizabeth and her husband Richard live in the Great Lakes Bay area of Michigan. They have an agreement that she cannot cook on writing days after he endured burnt broccoli and overcooked chicken. Fortunately, Richard is an excellent cook. Elizabeth becomes so absorbed in her writing, crying at the sorrows of her characters, rejoicing in their triumphs, that she laughingly describes herself as a “snapdragon” at interruptions, “not like the pretty flower, but like a dragon that snaps.” She will soon publish a mystery set in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. Visit Elizabeth at Her blog, Meyette’s Musings can be found at

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  1. Elizabeth, welcome to my blog! I've gotta say, I'm impressed. One, I could never write a succinct blurb like you do or pick as short an excerpt as you picked for both of these books. And, although we've been friends for awhile, I hadn't had the opportunity yet to read your writing. Let me tell you, I'm going to change that in a hurry! Not only do I find the premises behind your books interesting, but your writing itself is seamless. What a fun post! Thank you for sharing yourself with us today.

  2. M.J. Wow! Thank you for your kind words! I'm so pleased that you will get to meet Jonathon and Emily and the crew. (Heads up - Deidre is even "badder" in book 2 lol). Thanks so much for inviting me to be on your blog today. Rock on, Sister!

  3. Wonderful article, ladies. I have been a fan of Elizabeth Meyette since the first moment I met Em and Jonathon. What a treat to have found stories that take place before and during the Revolutionary War! Betty, I hope you are writing the third novel in this series, because I can't wait to read more about them. May you have continued success and many sales. You deserve a wide audience with these marvelous novels.

    1. Thanks you, Deborah! I just love this period in American history and I think that love comes through in my story. I have started book three and I am so happy to be "talking" to Em and Jonathon and Andrew and Jenny again. Thank you for your kind words and well wishes.

    2. I mean thank you, not thanks

    3. Deborah, thank you for coming by today! I agree, many eras are born with their own particular sense of romance, and this is definitely one of those time periods! So many passions were stirred, and it made many people's bravery and sense of duty come to the forefront--which is attractive! My husband and I have visited many of the historical sites of both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War and find the stories behind them--the real, personal stories--fascinating!

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    2. Hey, Brenna! Glad to see you again! Yes, I love these excerpts and the way Elizabeth handled the post. The many talented people I get to meet blogging--gifted in their unique, special ways--make it both fun and worthwhile.

  5. What a fun day on your blog, M.J. Thank you again for the opportunity to talk about my books. Wishing you great success with your writing!

  6. Thank you, Elizabeth. It was certainly my pleasure having you here today! Please come back whenever you want!


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