Hello and Happy All Hallow's Eve to you! Please join me in welcoming author Margery Scott to the blog today! Margery, the stage is yours ~

Happy Halloween!

Are you taking the little ones trick-or-treating tonight? Or are you the candy-hander-outer? I live in the country, so there won’t be any ghouls or ghosts or superheroes at my door. It’ll be just another night.

Which makes me think about Brae and Jennie, the hero and heroine of HER ROCKYMOUNTAIN GUARDIAN.

When I’m plotting a book, I have a character profile I work on for each of the main characters. I fill in the information until I know them better than I know some of my real-life friends. But one question I don’t have on my character profile is whether they have gone trick-or-treating as children?

In both Brae and Jennie’s case, the answer is no.
Brae lived on a ranch, the closest neighbor more than a mile away. Not that his father would have allowed him to go trick-or-treating anyway. It wouldn’t have been appropriate, being a judge’s son. He had standards to maintain, and allowing his children to lower themselves to begging for candy just wasn’t acceptable.

Jennie, on the other hand, lived in town. Her house lay in darkness, and she sat on the window seat in her bedroom, tears filling her eyes as she watched the other costumed kids laughing and racing from house to house. There was no costume for her, no home-made goodies to give out. Why? Her mother was passed out on the sofa in the living room, oblivious to the occasion.

When I was young, I didn’t trick-or-treat either, but only because we didn’t have Halloween in Scotland. We did have Guy Fawkes Day in early November, though, and we made up for it.

What about you? Did you go trick-or-treating? What was your favorite costume? Your favorite treat?


An unforgivable disappearance…

Four years ago, Jennie Brooks and Sheriff Brae Colton were engaged to be married—then Jennie disappeared without a word.

Leads to a mysterious reunion…
Brae hated Jennie for deserting him just as they were set to begin their life together. But when he finds her badly injured in a hit and run accident on a snowy mountain road, he can’t deny the love he’s never forgotten—until she regains consciousness with no memory of her identity, or what they once shared.

Where love holds the key to everything…

Brae wants to know why Jennie’s come home. Despite everything, she’s still the woman he fell in love with in high school—the woman he’s falling for again. But when the bullets start flying, his first priority is to protect her and catch her would-be killer. And if they can’t find a way to restore her memory soon, they may both end up dead.


Jennie gazed out the passenger window as Brae steered the SUV through downtown Eagle Ridge. Ever since they’d left the hospital, he’d been tense, his eyes constantly shifting and taking in the vehicles around them.

“Do you think we’re being followed?” she asked finally.

“Probably not, but I don’t want any surprises.”

She stayed silent then, letting him concentrate. A lock of hair hung over his forehead, and she had an almost irresistible urge to brush it back. The muscles in his face were tense, his lips pressed into a thin line.

Those lips… Her thoughts strayed back to the kiss they’d shared in her hospital room.

Obviously they’d kissed before, and more than likely they’d done a lot more than kiss. She didn’t remember those kisses, though. His kiss from a half hour earlier, she’d never forget. Something about the way he held her, the way his mouth slanted over hers, the heat pooling in her belly when his tongue had touched hers…it felt so familiar, so right.

“You look like you’re thinking hard,” he said, his baritone voice filling the interior of the car.

She felt her cheeks heat. If he only knew where her thoughts had taken her.

“Remembering something?”

Oh, yes. She remembered every detail of the kiss they’d just shared. Although she would like to know whether the memories of his kisses back then were as exciting and breath-stealing as the reality of the one they’d just shared. She doubted that was what he was asking, though.


As a little girl in Scotland, I loved reading the words in books, and using those words even when I had no idea what they meant. My favorites were consecrate (my version of concentrate), and puncture (meaning temperature).Within the pages of those books, I lost myself in the fantasy worlds the authors created. But I had no idea that someone – a real, live person – was writing the stories that enthralled me. And it never occurred to me that I could write stories, too.

When my family left Scotland and settled in Canada, I began to write – not stories, but long, rambling letters to my grandparents. Looking back, they were really mini-novels, filled with my adventures and tales of growing up in a new country. In school, I loathed English class. So what was I destined to be? Yes, you guessed it. A writer.

It wasn’t until my children left home, that I started writing and seriously pursuing a new career as a published author. These days, I’m lucky enough to be able to combine my love of travel (thanks to my father’s wanderlust) and writing by personally researching the settings in my books.

Now, I live on a lake and I’m lucky enough to wake up to this gorgeous view every morning (it does tend to distract me from the computer, I admit).

When I’m not writing, I can usually be found wielding a pair of knitting needles or a pool cue. Oh, and dealing with that wanderlust thing …

You can find Margery at:

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  4. Hello from a fellow knitter! Amnesia stories are always fun. Great excerpt!

    1. I know! It such an interesting concept, losing your memory. And then it adds that whole second chance at love aspect that I love, too. Thanks :) Brenna, for stopping in and commenting!

  5. I live in the boonies, so no handing out candy. :(

    1. It's rainy here in the Midwest, so it'll be interesting to see what kind of turnout we get. Thanks for joining us today and Happy Halloween!

  6. Thanks, Brenna. It's always nice to meet another knitter.

  7. D'Ann, it's a blessing in disguise. No having to deal with leftover candy.


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