I'd like to welcome author Rose Wynters today with her newest release from THE ENDURERS SERIES ~ VOLUPTUOUS VINDICATION! When I saw this I just had to have it on the blog because A) the title rocks! B) the cover is intriguing and C) the premise is...well see for yourself--->


The most explosive book in this series…

Once upon a time, the world was just a black void. Then one day man came, but he wasn’t alone. He was followed by an ancient evil, a scourge determined to steal his soul. Centuries passed. Humanity did all it could to protect itself against the evil ones, but they weren’t equipped to fight this battle. Instead, all they could do was pray that Hell didn’t set its eyes upon them.

It got to be too much. Something had to be done.

Born out of desperate need, warriors were chosen. Immortality was granted to those strong enough to fight the battle that would never end. No longer mortal, these men have stood in the path of dark and horrifying evil, bearing the load when there was nobody else that could.

It’s all coming to an end. Time has run out for humanity…

No good deed goes unpunished…

Ian Bauer was the Endurer that had it all. With great looks and plenty of money, he had never regretted his immortality… But fate had other plans for him.

Reeling from a tragic event, he’s forced back into the fight between good and evil when demons set their sights on a mortal angel. He has to keep her alive for four weeks, something easier said than done.

Ian never counted on the wicked attraction that flares up between them.


After filling the tank, he checked on Sara one more time. She was still unconscious, her fever raging within her weakened body. Leaving the engine running to keep her comfortable, he stalked into the truck stop. It was nearly empty, except for the pimply-faced male teenager behind the counter.

Ian’s eyes settled on him, his expression grim. He bypassed everything, coming to a stop in front of the nervous young male. “I want all of your medicines to relieve fever, including liquids and capsules. Plus, I want a thermometer, the best one you have, and make sure it’s not rectal.” He narrowed his eyes at the wide-eyed clerk in front of him. “I don’t do rectal, and I won’t use anything that involves an ass.”

The clerk looked nervous. “Um, that’s good to know.”

Ian looked around, checking out the inventory. “I want two cartons of every kind of pop you have, and five cases of bottled water.” He grabbed his expensive leather wallet out of his back pocket, carefully counting out five, one-hundred dollar bills. Dropping them on the counter, he growled out, “Load up my order, and you get to keep the change.”

The clerk grinned happily, grabbing the money. “Shit, yeah. Anything you say.” He rang everything up while Ian waited. “Which ride is yours?”

Ian shot him a droll look, before replying, “The only one out there.”

“Okay,” he agreed cheerfully, pocketing his portion. “Pull your vehicle to the door. I’ll get you all fixed up.”


I’m just your average, everyday female that loves to write about passionate love affairs and the the ups and downs of falling in love with extremely hot, alpha, supernatural men that push all the boundaries when it comes to sex.

I’ve always loved romance, starting with books from my childhood like Cinderella or Snow White and Rose Red. As the years passed, I developed an interest in the paranormal and supernatural. My love of romance continued to grow stronger, prompting me to write books about what women really want. There really is magic in the pages, and what red-blooded woman doesn’t want a gorgeous man willing to do everything it takes to claim her?

You can find Rose Wynters here:

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting me at your lovely blog today! I just love the feature:-)

  2. We're so glad to have you! Man, Rose! Even your bio is hot! And VOLUPTUOUS VINDICATION sounds awesome!

    1. Thanks so much *Blushing*. I really enjoyed writing Voluptuous Vindication! I'd been working up to Ian's story from the very first book in this series. He's been one of my favorite characters, and it has been a wild ride!

  3. I agree, M.J., the cover & title are great. Rose, great excerpt. You hooked me.

    1. Yes. I've been having a lot of fun tweeting the title today! Thank you for coming to visit with us today, Diane!

    2. Hi Diane,

      Thanks so much for your words. Ian has quite a story, he's played a big part in the entire series. And then he meets Sara, and boy, did he really need her! I almost hated to tell his story, yet, because he's such an integral part of the series, but sometimes, the characters really do take the lead. He'll be in future books, though, free of the binds that restrained him and even better than before!

  4. SO sorry I'm late...crazy day. WOW...the title hooked me, the cover fascinated me, and the blurb and excerpt reeled me in. Sounds like a fantastic read, dark and creepy, just the way I like it. :) Best of luck...I enjoyed the post!

    1. Hi Alicia,

      Thanks so much, I am glad you enjoyed it! I enjoy books with a dark edge to them, and that would definitely describe this series! The Endurers live just under the radar in mainstream society, they get to see all the things that the average human doesn't... And it's those unseen things that are the scariest of all:-)

  5. You're not late, Alicia! We've just been hanging out here. ;) Thanks for popping in! This one is right up your alley!

  6. Invoke the voluptuous hypothesis!


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