~ Let Me Play You a MIDNIGHT MELODY You Won't Forget!~

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Rock star Colton Remkus is out of his element.

When country phenom Tyler Remkus is murdered in his own studio, his son Colton finds himself in charge of a fortune 500 company. At least temporarily. Ty’s will states that Colt has thirty days to convince the board of directors to officially vote him in as the new CEO.

Melody Hawkins, administrative assistant to the CEO, doesn’t want a rock star for a boss.

He may be a rocker—and a seriously hot underwear mode—but he knows nothing about R&J Industries. Still, out of respect for Ty, Melody decides to teach Colton the ropes. As others plot against him, she stands by Colt’s side and tries to ignore the ridiculous attraction she has for him.

As their midnight deadline approaches, the stakes are raised.

The more time they spend together, the more their chemistry threatens to ignite. Melody must keep Colt from discovering who she truly is. Colt needs to speed learn the industry in order to finally win his father’s approval. But he soon winds up facing a deadly decision. Could a piece of sheet music hold the secret to Ty’s murder and save their lives?

Or will proving himself prove to be deadly for her?

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