That's right, folks, starting tomorrow Trapped Under Ice is going out on tour! Blog tour, that is. 

We will be visiting the following places: 

Sunday, February 24th-
Monday, February 25th-
Tuesday, February 26th-
Wednesday, February 27th-
Thursday, February 28th-
Friday, March 1st-      

On Becky Lower's blog tomorrow I'm talking about my decision to self-publish. Then click in on Monday as I follow that up on Peggy Bird's blog by discussing how I turned that decision into my rocking paperback book! On Rowena O'Sullivan's blog find out who I'd have to a dinner party (besides y'all). Carol Ritten Smith's blog will tell you about cake walks, snorkeling, and hot air ballooning! Find out about my karaoke favorites on Nancy Loyan's blog (I know you've been dying to hear that!). And then see me sweat on Friday under the grilling of Holley Trent's Five W's and Traci Douglass's 20 Questions! Hope you can stop by and spend some time with me and these great ladies. While there, check out the fabulous books they have written, too. I know you will find my hostesses as delightful as I do! See ya there!

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