Hi! Today I am lucky enough to be participating in the My Sexy Saturday blog hop. Each of the participating blogs will be featuring 7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs from either a published work or WIP (work in progress). Hop around and get a little taste of some great writers!

Everyone has their own idea of sexy and readers of all kinds love to read what we offer. Being sexy and hot doesn’t require us to take off all our clothes...or maybe it does.

Touch of his hand, a heart stopping kiss or a slow, sensual game of strip poker played on a hot summer night to pass the time can be very exciting. How lovers think about each other is also a turn on. Sexy can be just thinking about your special someone as he or she is far away and just the thought of them makes you all hot and bothered as you anticipate their homecoming.

Sexy can be earth-shattering, wall-banging in the most unlikely of places or it can be that slow sensual wedding night as each of you learn just what your lover likes for the very first time.

It all depends upon your perspective.

I chose my seven lines from TRAPPED UNDER ICE.

~ ~ ~
Chad took his hands from her arms and placed his fingers behind her neck. She froze, unsure of what he was doing. He gently rubbed his thumbs across her mouth, his eyes taking in the delicate curve of her lips as he touched them. Then, his eyes lifted to hers, and she saw in them anguish and need and pain and…something more. He bent closer, inch by inch, tantalizing her as she craned her neck, rising up on her toes to reach him. His lips finally claimed hers with a rush.

          His lips felt, oooh, so good, and she realized for the first time how wonderfully full they were. With a moan that filled them both, he kissed her more deeply, his tongue exploring her mouth, his hands sliding down to pull her closer.

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  1. Wow! Wonderful excerpt. That is one hot kiss!

    Thanks for being part of My Sexy Saturday. Hope to see you again next week.



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