That's right! M.J.'s cooking again! As I continue to celebrate the release of our SWEET & SAVORY COOKBOOK (FREE until midnight tonight! ~ http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K08SI3S/) I'm going to share a recipe for a dish in ROCK ME, GENTLY. 

Just like this post, SWEET & SAVORY COOKBOOK has both recipes and excerpts from the novels they are inspired by! So get cooking on two different levels, with good reads and good food! We're hoping this will be a fun little addition to entertain you while you're working in the kitchen! So on this beautiful spring day here in the Midwest, let me give you an excerpt from ROCK ME, GENTLY and Cassie's Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade!

Excerpt ~

Josh collected the ball and went to the point. He started to hand the ball to Cassie so she could check him, but he stopped. “Would anybody mind if I just made a little ‘wardrobe adjustment’ myself?” Not waiting for a response, he set the ball down and held it in place with his foot while peeling his t-shirt off. The sun shone on his bronzed, sweat-glistening pecs and abs and Cassie had to swallow to breathe. He handed the ball to her, and she simply stared. “Uhh…you’re supposed to hand it back to me,” he prompted. 

“Oh, yeah,” she said, giving the boys an apologetic smile.

Matt’s heart sank. He could see Cassie was a lost cause.

“Are you ready, Cas’?”

“Hum? Oh, yeah.”

“Good.” He rose up and took the shot from the point, swishing it without even looking.

“That’s game,” Cassie called out. “Who wants some lemonade?” Josh heard her mutter as she passed him, “”Cause I sure the hell need some.”

Cassies Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade 

(Picture is not of recipe. Representative only.)

1 (2 liter) bottle of ginger ale or white soda

¾ c. powdered lemonade mix

4 c. frozen raspberries


In a large pitcher mix the soda with the lemonade mix. Add raspberries and ice and serve. 

Enjoy! ~  

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